Recover Damages with a Car Accident Lawyer in ALABAMA


Automobile Accidents


Being involved in an automobile accident can be physically, financially, and emotionally traumatizing. If you or someone you love has been injured due to a car accident, you may be eligible to recover damages. This compensation may be given for disabilities resulting from the accident, as well as pain and suffering, scarring, lost wages and earnings potential, current and future medical expenses, wrongful death, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Nelson Law, LLC provides victims of automobile accidents—whether that’s you or a loved one—with the information and assistance necessary to protect their interests. All parties involved in an accident should report the incident to their respective insurance companies. Their teams of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys will immediately begin working to determine who was at fault. Additionally, they will try to limit the liability of the insurance company, as well as minimize the amount of money that will get paid to those who were injured. To counteract these efforts, Nelson Law will work for you to help you obtain fair compensation.

Filing a claim after an automobile accident must be completed within the appropriate time frame, as these types of cases are subject to specific statues of limitations. Our firm can help you meet these requirements and preserve your claim if you contact us immediately.